November 7, 2013

11-7-13 Update

Our programmer is back at it and development has been going smoothly as of late. The level artwork and basic coding is nearly finished for the first two worlds.

I wanted to take some time to better explain the way that collectables work in Dragon Drop now that more elements of the game design are pretty well set in stone.

Small map fragments: There are multiple of these in each level and if you want to collect all of them you’ll have to use your available platforms and tools strategically. You will need to collect a certain amount of small map fragments in total in order to unlock the boss level for the current world you are in. The player may replay old levels to try and gather any missed map fragments. Completing the level will add those map fragments to your total.

Orbs: There is one orb per level. Orbs are difficult to obtain and will require some strategic puzzle solving to snag. Collect them all for a surprise…

Large map fragments: These fragments are found at the end of each level, collecting them adds the next level to the world map so the player can progress.

In level tools: There are three tools that can be found within various levels: the sword, umbrella and spring boots. The sword is used for attacking enemies, the umbrella allows the player to glide and the spring boots allow the player to jump higher.


September 18, 2013

9-18-13 Update

I got a call from Nintendo today, we’ve been approved to develop games for the Wii-U Eshop! It will be some time before we have it out on Wii-U as we are still finishing development for mobile at the moment and need to fund the Wii-U dev kit, but look for it in the future!


August 8, 2013

8-8-13 Update

Just to keep everyone in the loop, we’re in the process of working in a new programmer so we can speed through the rest of development. I’m looking forward to sharing more updates with everyone soon!


July 7, 2013

7-7-13 Update

We returned from E3 a few weeks ago and it was a great time and Dragon Drop got some good exposure too. Things are moving along slowly but surely. Hopefully we will be able to move into beta in the next month or so. I’m very excited to see our hard work pay off soon!


May 29, 2013

5-29-13 Update

I will be at E3 this year bringing along a demo of the game as well. Hopefully we can get more feedback and generate some more hype for the title! Updates from the show will come soon!


April 19, 2013

4-19-13 Update

So I want to get more feedback about the game and answer questions anyone may have. If you have a question about the game or the development process email me at: If I get some good questions I’ll reveal them on this blog, make sure to include if you want your name to be used or not.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, I uploaded a gameplay video for the Dragon Drop demo we showcased at GDC. The quality of the video is terrible but you can check it out here:


April 2, 2013

4-2-13 Update

I just returned from the Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco a couple of days ago and we had a really great time. We generated a lot of hype for Dragon Drop and everyone really enjoyed the demo we showed. We made a lot of good connections and gained some valuable input.

More updates soon as we continue to progress!


March 17, 2013

3-17-13 Update

The Kickstarter shirts are ordered and should be finished by the end of this week. We are in a hard crunch this week in order to have our demo ready for The Game Developer’s Conference next week, but I’m confident that we will have a great showing! I will be flying out on Tuesday and updating the blog while I’m there.


February 26, 2013
Potential Kickstarter shirt design

Potential Kickstarter shirt design

February 26, 2013

2-26-13 Update

Things with Dragon Drop are going very well. The game is coming along nicely and is growing into something more complex and amazing than we had originally planned for.

When development first began the plan was to create an innovative platformer that was entertaining and original but simple to execute. After working with Vanny and Ashley I realized that we have such a great concentration of talent and motivation that there is no reason to sell ourselves or this game short.

We want to include all of the features we want in the game and we want the game to be as polished as possible before release. One of the best advantages of working for free and for an indie studio is the lack of strict deadlines from producers that restrict creativity and remove the heart and soul from the game. Utilizing extra time to deliver a better product is the best course of action and I assure you it will be well worth the wait! Our new goal is to bring you a complete product by the middle of May. We’ll have an exact release date by the time our demo for the game developer’s conference is complete at the end of March.

I hope everyone will understand our reasoning behind this delay. We could rush and have the game ready for you by the end of March, but why rush something when we can spend a little more time with it and deliver an even better product? Thank you for your understanding, I can’t wait to share these new features with you in the coming weeks! Two words: Boss Battles.